Marston Times

Not just a church magazine, but a newsletter serving the whole community. It offers information about special events which will be happening at the church along with times of the different services and the groups that meet through the week. In addition, there are reports from the Parish Council about general village concerns and news from local groups. There’s a useful directory of local businesses and organizations. And there’s plenty of scope for you to be involved by sending in news items or suggestions for inclusion.

The Marston Times is published monthly and the January issue is distributed free to every home in the parish. Subsequent issues are distributed to all subscribers, or available at the back of church.

It includes not only star journalism about the local community, but also lively comment from the vicar and curate that gets people talking in The Red Lion and The Victoria Arms. For more information about the Marston Times, contact The Editor, Jan Lawrie on Oxford 01865 250862.

Past Front Page Articles

  • Notes from a Pilgrimage
    The Curate reports on his visit to Taize
  • Twenty-five Years of Change
    Tony Price reflects on 25 years in Marston
  • One more Christmas
    Tony’s last Christmas message in Marston. December 2015
  • A time to heal
    An introduction to the Church’s ministry of healing, and an invitation to our monthly service with prayer for healing. October 2015
  • Forgiven
    Tony remembers being forgiven for something he did over 40 years before his recent school reunion. August 2015
  • All things bright and beautful
    Rob writes about the imperative to care for the environment, following the Pope’s encyclical Laudato si. July 2015
  • One Nation Under God?
    Tony writes about hopes for a more united, equal and just country under the new Government. June 2015
  • Who would Jesus vote for?
    Rob Glenny’s reflection on a Christian approach to voting in the General Election of May 7, 2015
  • Live forever
    What would it be like to live forever? The vicar’s Easter message, April 2015
  • Practice makes permanent…
    Rob Glenny writes about Christian training for discipleship during Lent. March 2015
  • Lent is for life, not just for — er, Lent
    As Lent begins on 18 February (Ash Wednesday), we ask how we can keep this season of the Christian Year in a meaningful way. February 2015
  • “What happens next?”
    How can we carry the Christmas message forward into the new year? Rob Glenny writes a message for January 2015

We know that Christ, being raised from the dead, will never die again;
death no longer has dominion over him.
Romans 6.9