Our Vision: Living and Growing in Christ

Our Purpose

We are God’s people in Marston and Elsfield. Our part in his mission to all the people of this parish has four main emphases:

  • proclamation
    We have good news to share, and seek constantly to grow in confidence about sharing it, and to look for sensitive and appropriate ways of doing so.
  • nurture
    We believe we are a nurturing church. Children and young people, with Christians of all ages, need to be helped to grow in their faith and love of God, in knowledge and discipleship.
  • community
    We value the church’s links with the local community, and see it as a priority to be at the heart of that community, working in partnership with it and for it.
  • tradition
    We have inherited an ancient building which has a special value as a place of prayer and witness. We gladly continue to be good stewards, loving and caring for this place.

Our Values

The qualities we value and seek to model in our church life are that we should be:

  • growing
    expecting more people to come to know Christ, and that all of us will grow in Christian maturity, generosity, and love.
  • inclusive
    believing that God’s love is for everyone, we aim to include and work with all who are seeking God.
  • intergenerational
    being a congregation in which people of all ages feel that they can comfortably belong and have a significant contribution to make.
  • whole life
    seeing our daily life and work as our primary Christian calling, and living this out every day, everywhere.
  • lifelong learning
    being a congregation in which everyone is eager to increase their knowledge and discipleship skills.
  • evangelical and catholic
    valuing personal commitment to Christ and experience of the Holy Spirit, through faithfulness to Scripture, regular reception of the sacraments, and an ordered life of prayer.
  • outward-looking
    seeking ways to be informed about, and involved in, God’s mission internationally, ecumenically, and in the pursuit of social justice.
  • celebratory
    enjoying what we do, and finding it life-giving, so that others will want to join us.

These are yardstick qualities by which we aim to measure everything we do.

A prayer for growth

fill this church with your Spirit
so that we may grow
in numbers, faith and love.
May we grow up in every way
into Christ who is our head,
to whom, with you
and the Holy Spirit,
be all glory and praise
now and for ever.

After this I looked, and there in heaven a door stood open! And the first voice, which I had heard speaking to me like a trumpet, said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” – Revelation 4.1