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You can find out more at the bell ringers website: Old Marston Bell Ringers | Old Marston Bell Ringers (

St Nicholas’ has a ring of six bells in the tower and an active band of ringers. Practice night is Friday from 7.15pm, and we ring for services throughout each month as well as special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, and Weddings.

Any new ringers are very welcome, as are those who are simply intrigued, or visiting ringers from other towers. No previous experience is needed. Please get in touch with our Secretary, Roy, on 07788 746157 for more details. The process of learning to ring is straightforward, and whilst we will challenge you, we will work at your pace.

Ringing is not about strength, it is about skill, but you will need good shoulder mobility. Aside from the church bells, we also ring handbells, so if you’d rather try your hand at something a little lighter, then do let us know. We currently tend to only ring the handbells for special occasions but if we get more ringers, we may ring more regularly on them.

We also provide bellringing workshops on the church bells and handbells for youth groups, Scout groups, and schools in return for a donation to our maintenance fund.

We look forward to welcoming you to our ringing world soon.

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