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We hold regular services Celtic style communion services and Celtic Year gatherings.

The Celtic Communion Service is usually shorter than the traditional communion service, uses more inclusive language and includes our junior choir.

The Celtic Gatherings are informal and open to all. We will be marking key seasons and moments during the year as shown in the poster below and following the thoughts in the book by David Cole – “The Celtic Year”. We will usually gather around an open fire and maybe write things down then casting them onto the fire as a symbol of letting go. There will be some liturgy, some sharing, some reading of the bible and closing in prayer. There will be hot drinks and marshmallows. People need to bring a blanket and warm clothes if it is cold.

You can find out more information by clicking on the links below and viewing the pictures underneath:

Download the 2023-2024 poster for the Celtic Year Gatherings here.

Download the Celtic Communion Service Sheet here.

Find out more about David Cole, Founder and Executive Director of Waymark Ministries CIC.

The Celtic Year by David Cole is available for purchase here.

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