Churches Together

Christians in Marston & Northway share a common faith in God expressed in many forms of worship and service to the community. They work together on special events and projects through Churches Together – an association of Anglican, Evangelical, Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox, United Reformed and other Christian churches in the area which is affiliated to Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.


Normally on the third Thursday of each month, these days provide space for reflection and fellowship. Guided by a different leader each time, the session starts at 12 noon with a break to eat your packed lunch and concludes at 4 pm.


Our community celebration took place at the Mortimer Hall recreation ground at 3 pm on Sunday 20 May 2018. It featured local choirs, musicians, spoken word, stalls, games, refreshments and guest speaker Tom Price. It was an event for the whole of Marston, whether regular churchgoers or not.