Marston EcoGroup Refill Station

We have set up our small refill station at the Marston Vicarage
PRODUCTS: We have bio and non-bio laundry liquids (on the right) and also hand soap (rose), washing up liquid (ginger) and all-purpose surface cleaner (on the left). We’ll provide some cloths in case of spillage, and some empty bottles in case you need to take one. Please limit yourself to 1 litre per product, or 2L maximum, so that there’s enough to go around (we don’t have extra tubs – we’ll order as needed).
PAYMENTS: As we are a non-profit community group, prices are low and this service is for the Marston community! (there are other refill shops in other locations). You can pay by cash or cheque (payable to Marston Community Gardening) into the money box affixed to the wall (see photo; it will be emptied regularly), or contact us for bank transfer details.
Current prices:
Washing up liquid £1.50/L (15p/100 ml)
Bio laundry liquid £2.50/L (25p/100ml)
Non-bio laundry liquid £2.00/L (20p/100ml)
Hand soap £3.50/L (35p/100 ml)
All purpose surface cleaner £2.00/L (20p/100ml)
SELF-SERVICE: Refills will generally operate on an unattended, self-service basis (all days of the week, during daytime hours only please), at an outdoor space on the vicarage property, so we rely on you to pay what is owed, keep the area tidy, and only share information about the service to other Marston residents who may be interested.
TECHNICAL DETAILS: Bring clean, empty bottles with you, marked with how many millilitres they hold. Choose your product dispenser, open your bottle and place it on the stand, and adjust the height as needed to be closer to the outlet. Turn the black handle so the outlet faces down into your bottle. Then start pumping the red handle at the top slowly to fill your bottle – it fills both as you pull up and push down. Go especially slowly with the all-purpose cleaner as it tends to froth a bit when refilling! Observe the speed of filling and try to adjust your pumping so that the red handle is down when you finish filling. Put the lid securely on your bottle and return the dispenser’s black handle to a downward position so the detergent won’t drip out of the spout. Wipe up any spills/dry hands with towels provided. Help yourself to the correct product label for your bottle from the yellow folder the first time you fill the bottle. Put your filled bottles into a plastic bag (please bring your own) to avoid spillage on your way home. Calculate what you owe and make payment. Thank you! ��
P.S. If you want to use the service but feel you will need assistance, contact us and we’ll make arrangements for one of us to help.
PPS. More details about the products: