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This page covers baptisms, weddings, and funerals. At them moment, no baptisms or weddings are being booked and attendance at funerals is restricted. We look forward to happier days when celebrations can be held again. Meanwhile, please contact the vicar if you have pastoral concerns or needs.

How can I get my baby baptized?
How can I be baptized?
What about confirmation?
How can I arrange a wedding at St Nicholas?
Who can get married in church anyway?
Who should I contact about funeral arrangements?

To arrange a wedding or baptism or if you have any questions please contact the Vicar. You may find it helpful to read on first for some of the answers.


Even if you are not a regular churchgoer, the parish clergy are always available to take a funeral for anyone living in the parish. We will arrange to meet with you and do everything we can to make the service, whether in church or at the crematorium, as personal and as special as possible.

It is often easiest to contact one of the excellent local undertakers in the first instance. They will explain the different options available and make all the necessary arrangements.

Of course, if you wish to make your own contact with the Vicar, we will be happy to help and advise, and to speak to you in the days before the funeral.

Baptisms (Christenings)

The Church of England has always believed that it is right to baptize (christen) the infant children of Christian parents. The best time for this to be done is during the main Sunday service, because the baby is being baptized into the church, and it makes sense for as many as possible of the members of the church to be there. Our all-age service on the first Sunday of each month is a particularly good time because other children love to take part and see the christening.

Anyone living in the parish is entitled to ask for baptism in the parish church. Candidates living outside the parish can only be baptized with the consent of the vicar of their own parish, and in any case there should be a good reason for the baptism to take place here, e.g. a long-standing and continuing family connection with St Nicholas’.

Baptism in the pool

It’s more and more common to find adults who for some reason were not baptized as infants, and who want to be baptized later in life. This is always great, because it means you are choosing to do it for yourself, rather than just because your parents decided it. For those who were baptized as infants, Confirmation is about renewing your baptismal promises for yourself.

If you want to be baptized as an adult, or confirmed, we invite you to attend a short preparation course. For more details, contact the Vicar.


signing-registerSince October 1, 2008, the new Marriage Measure has been in force. This introduced new qualifications for getting married in the Church of England, which we hope will make it easier to get married in the church of your choice.

The previous qualifications still apply, so that you can get married in a parish church if:

  • one of you is resident in the parish
  • you regularly attend worship in the church, so that you have qualified to be on the Electoral Roll (this usually means having habitually worshipped there for at least 6 months)

The new Measure also allows you to get married in a church if

  • one of you was baptized in the parish
  • one of you has been confirmed and your confirmation has been entered in the register book belonging to that parish
  • one of you has lived in the parish for at least 6 months
  • one of you has at any time habitually worshipped there for at least 6 months
  • one of your parents has at any time during your lifetime lived in the parish for at least 6 months
  • one of you has at any time during your lifetime habitually worshipped there for at least 6 months
  • your parent or grandparent was married in the parish

You will need to provide evidence in support of claiming one of these qualifying connections. If you would like to know more about this, please contact the Vicar. Or you can find more information on the Church of England web site.

We do not normally conduct marriages where one partner has been previously married and is divorced with their previous spouse still living, but are sometimes able to provide a Service of Blessing. If this is your situation, please contact the Vicar so that we can talk about the best way forward.

As you will know, it takes a long time to arrange a wedding, so do get in touch with us as early as possible to get things started in the right way.

How do I know what parish I’m in?

Whatever qualifying connections you may have for getting married in the church, you will need to know what parish you live in. Here is a map of the Marston parish boundary. If it shows you are not in this parish, go to A Church Near You and enter your postcode to see a map of the parish in which you live.