Messy Church
Messy Church
Messy Church
Messy Church
Messy Church
Messy Church

Inside Out Church

The church looks out through community, rather than in to itself, understanding its meetings (Wednesday, Sunday etc.) not as services themselves, but as refuelling points to prepare us for the works of service outside our building.

Prayer & Telling The Story

Services, Come and See, The Bible in a Year, Compline Services

Creation & The Environment

Marston Eco Group Refill Station, Green Church

Community Inside & Out

Arts & Crafts, MCG, FoodBank, Pulse, Holiday Club, Love Marson Love Life

Looking Forward

Services for the Future

The way we do church services is changing in response to the changes brought about by the pandemic.

  • Attendance Records 60% 60%
  • Live Streaming 40% 40%
  • Facebook Views 25% 25%
  • YouTube Views 50% 50%
  • Physical Attendance 61% 61%




Online Services

Simply the Best!

We are that wonderful that people keep coming back to us – or is because of the free cake after the service?

Ho Ho Ho – no-one does Christingle like St Nicks – trust you have all been good this year – should be coming back near the end of the year.

Father Christmas

Parcel Deliveries, North Pole Manufactures

How’s it hanging?


Vicar, Clergy Supplies

Keep baking and making and I will be designing and eating.

Cake Man

Eating, Cakes inc

Keep those Easter eggs coming and I will keep bouncing

Easter Bunny

Bouncing, Eggs and Co