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In 2022 we are taking time to reflect on our faith, on prayer and different issues. You can find out more about our events below: Pause for More, Pause for Prayer and Pause for Thought.

Pause for Prayer

Pause for Prayer

Throughout the year there will be times for us to meet with others to pray.

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Pause for Thought

Throughout the year, guests will be invited to help us dig deeper with talks on a variety of subjects, followed by a time of questions and  answers. Refreshments will be provided.

Download the programme of  talks here.

Grief Equals Love – link to video of the talk

Pause for More 2022

Pause for More

This is a safe space to ask questions, whether you are exploring Christianity for the first time, or want to discuss topics you have pondered for years. You can join us on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 835 1496 3692

Password: questions

Please contact the vicar if you would like to know more

Ask, Share, Listen, Learn

Quiet Hour
More info on: When Grief Equals Love - with Lizzie Pickering

Why are we so bad at talking about grief? Although things are improving slowly, it does still seem to be the last taboo of mental health. This talk is for those going through grief and anyone who might at some stage need to support friends and family through different types of loss with better understanding –  in other words everybody!


Lizzie is a Speaker, Grief Investigator, Film and Podcast producer.  In her forthcoming book ‘When Grief Equals Love’ she shares her observations on grief including diary entries written following the death of her son Harry, at Helen & Douglas House, in November, 2000.  How Lizzie and her family have learned to live alongside loss, navigating a new landscape and accommodating grief into their lives.  With 21 years of investigative experience, the book also includes interviews from some of Lizzie’s grief community about their own experiences, giving voice to their stories.  It will be published in 2023.


Lizzie says ‘I am passionate about changing the landscape for people who have to face life and work when the rug has been pulled from under them.    With the knowledge that time doesn’t heal, and that people can become stuck in addressing their grief, I help them to start conversations and understand the messy patterns and symptoms of loss; the importance of not judging each other.    My firm belief is that if grief is faced and worked through gradually, if people are well supported, there is a rich seam of energy and loyalty to be found from surviving it and eventually thriving.’

More info on: Unveiled: Women of the Old Testament and the Choices They Made- with Revd Clare & Micah Haynes

Clare is College Chaplain at Christ Church, Oxford. She grew up in rural Bucks, her childhood more Pony Club than church youth group. Pre-ordination she was a Social Worker specialising in substance misuse. She is married to John, an entertainer, and has three creative sons, the eldest of whom is the illustrator of this book.


Born in 1997, Micah Hayns is a contemporary classical painter from Oxford. He takes the classical techniques and tradition of the old masters, whom he studied at the Florence Academy of Art, and infuses them with a contemporary aesthetic, inspired by street art, abstract expressionism and collage.


Some women of the Old Testament are well known, but many are barely remembered and even when they are we often don’t pause on them long enough to think what we might learn from them. Unveiled, written with frankness and humour and illustrated with striking artwork from a young Oxford-based artist, explores the stories of over 40 women in 40 chapters.


More Info On: Community Action for Climate Change - Alistair Morris
Alistair’s talk will give an update on the latest scientific knowledge from the current IPCC report on Climate.
He will briefly look at the bigger picture, of the kind of things that need to happen globally….
Finally, he will look at ways we can all do our bit, both in the home and within the local community, to both help mitigate climate change and also to prepare ourselves for what’s to come….. 
“Our strength is in the Community”

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