Service Booklets

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Our current online Sunday morning 10am services are varied with our singers and musicians usually giving one or two musical contributions, different members of the congregation bringing the Bible readings or the prayers of intercession and members of our ministry team speaking or leading. We hope you will join with us.

We use both BCP (Book of Common Prayer 1662) and CW (Common Worship) services

The forms of Sunday service that we follow currently are below:

Click here for the Order of Service for the Family Service with Communion on 5th July 2020

Click here for the Sunday Morning Holy Communion for Ordinary Time Service Booklet

Click here for the Sunday Morning Holy Communion BCP Service Booklet

Special Orders of Service:

Spiritual Communion Service Booklet

Service at home for those unable to be present at a Funeral

Other Orders of Service:

BCP Matins for daily use throughout the year)

Daily CW Morning Prayer service words online for each day

Simple Holy Communion Service for Trinity Sunday (7th June 2020)

Penetcost Sunday Communion Service Booklet (for Sunday 31st May 2020)

Sunday Morning Holy Communion Easter Season CW Service Booklet

Christian Aid Service Booklet (for Sunday 10th May)

Good Friday Stations of the Cross 2020 Booklet

Easter Day Sunrise Service 2020 Booklet

Easter Sunday 2020 Service Booklet