Sunday Club

Here you can find our videos, colouring pages and puzzles. There will be something new each week – except for the first Sunday of each month, when we have something different at St Nicholas Marston – you can find out more about that on our Home Page

Sunday 17 Jan: Come and see

What did Tolkien and Lewis have in common with Philip and Nathanael?

Something different this week – not just a code, this is The Code of Life. See if you can solve it!


Sunday 10 Jan: New Beginnings

What do you hope to do in 2021? Some of our friends have sent us a video message. We’d love to hear from you too!

Here’s an activity sheet and a picture to colour:


Sing to the Lord

Christmas: It begins in Bethlehem

A special story from Bob Hartman’s rhyming bible

Some of the pictures still need to be coloured – see what you can do!


This booklet is produced by the Bible Society and is part of Bob Hartman’s Rhyming Bible.

Sunday 20 December: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

Eileen concludes the Godly play, and you can make an angel decoration.

Sunday 13 December: Getting Ready

Look out for the magnificent Jesse tree which the children at Divya Shanthi school have created to help tell the Advent story.

Sunday 29 November: Watching and Waiting

As we look forward to Christmas, we also remember how the prophets look forward to the coming of Christ.

Sunday 22 November: Acts of Kindness

The kind things you do make a difference to peoples lives. And when we work together it is a big difference!

Sunday 15 November: Lights to the World

We might feel very small and insignificant, but God wants us to share in his work by shining light into the darkness.

Sunday 8 November: Our Hope in Christ

Today is Remembrance Sunday. Writing to his friends at Thessalonica, Paul reminded them of the hope they had in Jesus, who died and rose again. Through Jesus, God will bring to himself those who have died and remake the world.


Sunday 25 October: Caring for others

Paul’s at Thessalonica are having a hard time, but he reminds them how much he cares for them. We are grateful to the people who care for us and show us how God helps us to care for others.

Sunday 18 October: Set a good example!

Paul is writing to encourage the church at Thessalonica. They have been facing a hard time but have continued to follow Jesus. Paul tells them what a good example they are to others.

Sunday 11 October: Rejoice in the Lord!

Paul was in prison in Rome, writing to his friends 850 miles away at Philippi in Greece. He wanted them to encourage them to rejoice, whatever difficulties they were facing. It’s still a good message to us today. Maybe you could write a letter or a card to encourage someone you know?