Sunday Club

Here you can find our videos, colouring pages and puzzles. There will be something new each week – except for the first Sunday of each month, when we have Outside Church at St Nicholas Marston – you can find out more about that on our Home Page. And you can send us your message, picture or video on our Message Page.

Sunday 18 October: Set a good example!

Paul is writing to encourage the church at Thessalonica. They have been facing a hard time but have continued to follow Jesus. Paul tells them what a good example they are to others.

Here is our video for the week:

Here is a colouring sheet. Here is another. And here is a puzzle.

And finally, a sheet with more of the story.

If you missed any of our earlier Sunday Clubs, you can catch up below.

Sunday 11 October: Rejoice in the Lord!

Paul was in prison in Rome, writing to his friends 850 miles away at Philippi in Greece. He wanted them to encourage them to rejoice, whatever difficulties they were facing. It’s still a good message to us today. Maybe you could write a letter or a card to encourage someone you know?

You can print these templates to make some special writing paper

Here is our video for the week:


Here is a colouring page – you could send us a photo when you’ve finished it!

And here is a sheet to print with a bit more of the story.