Yasmin and Sam
Wedding at St Nicholas Church
Wedding at St Nicholas Church
Wedding Old Marston
Wedding Old Marston
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To arrange a wedding or if you have any questions please contact our administrator. You can find out more information below and can download the wedding and application for banns forms.

Getting Married - Click here to find out more.

Are you planning to get married? Congratulations!

Here at St Nicholas Church we love hosting and organising weddings and will be delighted to meet you and make you feel welcomed.

You can find out all about getting married in church at the Church of England’s special weddings website Your Church Wedding.  Church of England web site. There’s a ceremony planner, FAQs and lots of useful resources to help you plan your special day.

We know that couples come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes with different needs and desires to make the wedding day perfect, so the first thing you need to do is contact Skye our vicar and arrange to meet up to chat and fix a date.

One thing we will discuss is how a couple qualifies for getting married at their local parish church. The qualifications are listed below:

  • one of you is resident in the parish – map of the Marston parish boundary.
  • you regularly attend worship in the church, so that you have qualified to be on the Electoral Roll (this usually means having habitually worshipped there for at least 6 months)
  • one of you was baptised in the parish
  • one of you has been confirmed and your confirmation has been entered in the register book belonging to that parish
  • one of you has lived in the parish for at least 6 months
  • one of you has at any time habitually worshipped there for at least 6 months
  • your parent or grandparent was married in the parish

But honestly, don’t worry! If you are unsure whether you qualify, we can usually sort something out and we realise a connection to a place of worship is important when you are planning your wedding.

Here is the Banns form which you are welcome to download and fill out when you contact Skye.

The Banns form is the same form for those of you who are getting married at another church but live in this parish and needs the Banns read.

So what happens after you have contacted Skye

Usually after the first meeting, the Banns form has been filled out and a date has been set not only for Wedding Day but also for the Wedding Preparation Course, which takes place over two evenings. All couples who have attended the wedding preparation (which can be done in person or online) have said that it was helpful and enjoyable. Normally, alongside the Wedding Preparation Course, two other dates get set to help plan for the day and attached is a form to help you with this. (add link). This form is an organic document and is added to and changed as we go along, so don’t panic now if you don’t know all the answers.

I look forward to meeting you so do contact me and we can start the planning for your special day.

 A prayer to say..

Creator God, as we prepare for our wedding, we ask that You would be our most honoured guest. When Jesus attended His friendswedding in Cana, He demonstrated both His power and His attention to detail by supplying what was lacking. God, please see to it that any details we might be neglecting or any unforeseen challenges or issues be covered by your mighty power, all-embracing love and great care.

We rejoice in this celebration to come. We pray for protection over each traveller. And we pray for loving interactions between each of us, even when we feel the stresses that undoubtedly come with an event like this. More than anything, we ask for the Holy Spirits presence!

Marriage was Your idea Lord, and a beautiful wedding is a wonderful way to begin a brilliant marriage. Amen.

Banns and Marriage – click on link below to download an application form: 

Wedding Old Marston
Yasmin and Sam
Wedding Old Marston
Wedding at St Nicholas Church
Wedding at St Nicholas Church
Wedding at St Nicholas Church
Wedding at St Nicholas Church
Wedding at St Nicholas Church
Wedding at St Nicholas Church

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